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As part of our commitment to training the next generation of homeowners, designers, builders, and policy makers, we are thrilled to offer classes that empower you to make informed choices toward a sustainable future when working within the building industry.

Mass Timber Housing
+ Zoning and Permitting


This course is designed to answer most people's first questions about what, when, and how a mass timber house can be built in Eugene and greater Oregon.

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Course contents

  • Zoning Rules for within Eugene & greater Oregon

  • Permitting of ADU's, Middle Housing, and more

  • CedarStone Introduction & purpose of CLT Homes

  • Pre-approved designs - streamlining the permitting process

  • What makes mass timber homes innovative, healthy, & resilient

  • How mass timber meets the needs of various client types

  • Constructability & rural clients

  • A breakdown of Manufactured, Modular, & Pre-Fabricated homes

  • Pricing & Financing

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