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What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)?

What is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)?

Enjoy the aesthetic, performance, and construction benefits of mass timber without using any large or old-growth trees.

Timber Panel construction is an emerging building material that has yet to become accessible for single family dwellings - yet it is undeniably a perfect choice for a home. There are numerous types of timber panels; the most well-known is Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Timber panels are an engineered wood product that was originally developed in Europe in the 1990’s and has been more recently of interest in North America. We have seen CLT growing in popularity in the USA for larger buildings due to the novelty of being able to build much taller structures out of wood than with typical light frame construction. However, there are far more benefits to CLT construction besides its ability to go tall; it's a way to enjoy the aesthetic, performance, and construction benefits of mass timber using byproducts of reforestation activity, without needing to harvest any large or old-growth trees.


Building with CLT creates unique opportunities to create healthy, durable, energy-efficient, safe, affordable and beautiful homes. It’s time to seriously consider CLT for single-family dwellings and ADU’s as local availability and expertise increase and the benefits become increasingly undeniable.

The CedarStone Home utilizes two types of timber panel:

  • Cross-Laminated-Timber (CLT) for the walls

  • Glue-Laminated-Timber (GLT) for the loft floor and roof

CLT panels consist of at least three layers of lumber boards stacked crosswise and glued together. This gives them strength in two directions, making them ideal for walls. GLT panels consist of a number of layers of lumber boards adhered together in one direction, making ideal floor and roof panels.

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Speed of Construction

Speed of Construction

Saving you money and stress with a quick build schedule.


Timber panels are prepared in a warehouse where various shapes and openings are pre-cut so that they are ready to assemble when they arrive on site. The panels are swiftly fastened in place and the structure can be erected in a matter of days.


After the structure is erected, insulation, roofing, and siding is added to the exterior. Since the timber panels can be exposed on the interior for a beautiful wood finish, no brittle drywall is needed. Finish work only includes fixtures and casework, making for a quick build schedule and quiet onsite assembly.

Health & Comfort

Health and Comfort

Insist on health and comfort for yourself and your loved ones with a structure that seriously addresses acoustics and air quality.

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Timber panels provide exceptional levels of acoustic insulation for both airborne and impact sound transmission, making this an ideal choice if you care about acoustic comfort and relaxation.



Since the insulation is attached as a continuous layer to the CLT panels rather than between studs, there is no cavity in the walls, roof, or floor. Without any wall cavities, CLT structures are free of mold and critters, rain or shine. With an all-natural wood interior, there is no off-gassing of synthetic materials: clean fresh air.


The CedarStone Home takes this one step further with the Lunos E2 heat recovery ventilation system with superior filtration for removing particulate matter from the air, especially due to wildfires.



Juha Virta, CEO and owner of Oy CrossLam Kuhmo in Finalnd, notes that living in a space surrounded by wood surfaces reduces the likelihood of contracting diseases due to the anti-bacterial substances found in the wood itself. There are also studies that have shown that living in a CLT home reduces stress levels, blood pressure and improves the ability to concentrate.



Pass down this home with confidence. A low carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and sustainably sourced materials make the CedarStone Home a home to be proud of.

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All of our timber comes from forests that are sustainably harvested, so that future generations can enjoy the unprecedented beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Better yet, much of our timber is sourced  from forest restoration activities so that your grandchildren can feel proud of where these homes come from.

Wood sequesters carbon. Our beautiful earth removes CO2 from the air and stores it in trees. By building with timber, we prevent the wood from decomposing, and keep the CO2 out of the air for as long as the structure is intact. For a timber panel home, that will be many, many generations. As a result, the carbon footprint of a timber panel home is remarkably low and actively helps counteract CO2 emissions.


With a timber panel structure, you get a continuous layer of insulation with minimal thermal bridging. You also get impressive air-tightness with almost zero air leakage. This means you avoid the typical loss of heat/energy that occurs in standard construction. The high thermal mass of the solid wood panels keeps the temperature stable throughout the day, greatly reducing the need for heating or cooling.

Fire Safety & Durability

Fire Safety and Durability

Protect yourself by choosing materials that protect you.

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Another advantage of solid timber panels is its inherent fire resistance. Performing even better than steel, it remains structurally stable even when subjected to high temperatures. One might think that a wood panel would pose a fire risk, however CLT performs very differently than wood stud / light frame construction.


Since the CLT panels are solid and quite thick (usually a minimum of 4”) the face of the timber panel will char when exposed to fire. The char layer will insulate the structural core of the panel leaving it able to function, providing more time for people to leave and for the fire to be put out. MCH, a design-build group in Eastern Canada, became CLT builders due to their owners witnessing the impressive fire safety performance of CLT as volunteer fire-fighters.


The CedarStone Home is robust, durable, and incredibly low-maintenance, keeping its beauty for many generations to come.

Learn more about CLT fire resistance in this video

Illustration showing a typical temperature / time gradient through solid timber under fire conditions (image courtesy of Structure magazine)



Using principles of pre-fabrication allows us to use luxury high-performance materials at an affordable price.

There is no doubt that living in a timber home is a luxury experience, and a smart investment. Exceptional quality at an affordable price is achieved by material costs being offset by labor savings from the quick installation.  Additionally, savings will be found over time as the durability of the home reduces maintenance and the energy-efficiency reduces utility costs long into the future.

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Nature in contemporary elegance.

CedarStone brings beauty, joy and comfort to be essential elements of true sustainability. If we want to commit to sustainable practices then we must make it pleasurable. Thoughtfully designed, beauty is a part of the home’s function. Don't underestimate your surroundings - offer yourself, your friends and family a beautiful place to stay. When our surroundings nurture us, we are better able to nurture each other.


It’s difficult to put into words the beautiful aesthetic, feeling, and aroma of a timber home. This is why CedarStone is excited for you to see for yourself. Check out our photos and our facebook or instagram for videos.

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